Welcome to my site!

Dear Folks! If you are just passing by..Welcome!

My name is Diana Ross and I am an amateur blogger who had the dream of blogging since the past ten or twelve years..But it became a reality only in 2021. I guess better late than never!! 😀

Anyways, I love reading & writing..But in actuality I have read more than actually write. So here I am hoping to bring my writing dreams to fruition, finally!

So , the purpose of this blog is to write motivational,inspirational,educational and perhaps some amusing content for you so that you can learn from them.

Since I am a mental health professional you will often see articles pertaining to that,but I promise not to make it dull and serious .I shall also write up about general health and well being ,positive psychology, and mind management.

Hope you shall find this beneficial.Please post your suggestions and advice and comments here ..

Thank you

Love Di.fb_img_1616390475500

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